Lowest Price Honeywell HCM-6011i QuietCare 11-Gallon Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology

When my old console humidifier (the brand bought out by Kaz) died a month before the warranty ran out, Kaz replaced it with the fancy new Model HCM 6013 or 6012 that allowed you to set the humidity. It was AWFUL! It wouldn't keep the ROOM humidified because it detected the humidity it was spewing out in its immediate vicinity & KEPT SHUTTING OFF! (Yes, it probably WAS 45% right near the machine--but my hygrometer 10 feet away read 27%, & the room was DRY.) A significant design flaw... So they were kind enough to swap it out for this cheaper HCM 6011i--& it has been WONDERFUL since I set it up in Feb. 2006!

Within a few HOURS, this unit raises the room humidity from 25% to 45%+. I monitor with a hygrometer across the room--& I can tell it's accurate by how much better my nose feels!

Because I keep it running NON-STOP, 24/7, I LOVE having 2 separate (1.5 gal.) tanks: I can easily fill one at a time (much easier to carry, supported with 2 hands, than a single tank twice the size) & there's always one tank at least partially filled. (It will run a while after the tanks empty, from the water left in the base.)

I have not had ANY problem with mold/mildew--unless I don't get to refill it & it sits a day or more drying out. (The more common white powder that builds up after prolonged use, I assume to be mineral deposits--less when I use filtered water.) And even when I notice that greenish tinge on the filter, I've never had a problem with mildew ODOR. I prefer to use bacteriostatic solution added to each tank (every refill) --MUCH cheaper than the Protec cartridges, & easy enough to pour the calculated amount in after each fill (it foams up if you add water AFTER bacteriostat). The only problem is that bacteriostatic solutions (from any manufacturer) are getting harder to find; I don't know why Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. have discontinued them, while they continue to carry the DESCALING/cleaning solution (which is unnecessary, because plain white vinegar accomplishes the descaling more economically).

I didn't like the design when I first saw it (compared to the huge box shape of the old model, which was less likely to spill water when you rolled it around). However, it's about 30% smaller, MUCH easier to clean & disinfect, & I just let it run almost dry so there's no spillage carrying the lightweight base to the tub.

The humidistat works MUCH more efficiently than the regulator on the fancy model. When it reaches the humidity I want, I turn down the humidistat knob til it shuts off, & it does a great job of cycling to maintain that level.

Although it's moderately noisy at the highest fan setting, I only use that when first starting up for the season (or whenever it's run dry & the room humidity drops) to quickly get the moisture level up. It's unobtrusive at medium or low setting. I position it at the bedroom door to the hallway--& it maintains humidity only 5-8% lower at the other end of the house!

If I can get at least 5 years out of this machine, it will be one of the best home investments I've made. Maintaining at least 45% humidity makes a HUGE difference in how your skin & mucous membranes feel in your nose & throat. I highly recommend this HCM-6011i ((includes an ionizer).Get more detail about Honeywell HCM-6011i QuietCare 11-Gallon Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology.

Low Price Honeywell 2074 .35 Cubic Foot Top-Opening Anti-Theft Drawer Safe

I have no complaints about this safe. I does the job and is easy to use. I highly reccomend it to anyone that wants to keep their laptop or other items of similar size safe.Get more detail about Honeywell 2074 .35 Cubic Foot Top-Opening Anti-Theft Drawer Safe.

Save Honeywell 16200 Desktop HEPA Air Purifier

I've owned this air purifier for about 7 years now. Keep in mind any air purifier that has a high output fan and is highly efficient and is going to move a significant amount of air is going to have some fan noise. Don't buy this or any high output fan-based purifier thinking it is whisper quiet.

The only way to get around this is to have a whole-house central-air purifier where the mechanics, fans and motors are in the garage and the duct work is throughout the house. This would be the only way to eliminate noise completely and still have a high output air purifier.


The price is affordable. Check around for the best price. I've seen it at Home Depot for $39.99. At that price you can buy two of them for a medium to large room!

The product is small, and compact enough to sit on a counter, bookshelf, table. The looks are appealing and sleek and it tends to blend in well with the surroundings.

On high it sucks in air at a pretty good rate. It eliminates smoke and odors in the kitchen after cooking. It freshens the air. The air does seem to be a bit lighter.

The HEPA filter catches allot of dust. I know it is working because when I replace the filter it is light to dark gray from dust that it collected. This is particulate matter that would still be in my home if I didn't have this purifier.

Changing the HEPA filter is quick and easy. You just take off the front grill, take out the dirty filter and replace it with a clean one. I don't like the filters that claim you can vacuum them and reuse them. Nope. I like to make sure I put a clean filter back in. Also if you vacuum a filter and your vacuum doesn't have HEPA filtration you're just blowing that junk out of your vacuum and back into your house when you vacuum the filter. Unless of course you vacuum it outside. But that is a hassle and you'd never be sure the filter was totally clean. I'd rather throw out my dirty filter and put in a clean one. The replacement filters are only $14.00 and well worth it to know that all the particulate matter is thrown away.

The white noise it makes while running on medium or high can be soothing and comforting when sleeping. For myself it depends upon the day. some nights I like white noise and other days I want it perfectly quiet. There are 3 speeds that allow me to do just that.

Speaking of 3 speeds-- It has high, medium and low (sleeping). On low you can hardly hear it and is perfect for sleeping at night when you want it to be quiet but still have some air cleaning ability. Medium speed is hardly noticeable but emits a soft white noise.

The ionizer function works well, but I can't really tell if it is making the air smell any fresher or not. I'm sure ionizer technology has it's benefits.


When the motor is on high there is a noticeable blowing fan sound. This noise might be enhanced because the air is blowing through slits in the top back. But keep in mind, like I said in the beginning any purifier with a fan that is going to be highly efficient is going to emit some noise. For me it is not that bad. Some people have a noise threshold that is more sensitive and therefore they can't tolerate noise. If you can stand the sound of a regular fan blowing than having this purifier on high won't bother you. You can always leave it on high when you're not home and maximize your air cleaning and then turn it to medium while your home and on low when you go to bed! That would be the best routine in my opinion. If you didn't want to waste that electricity while you're gone you could plug them into a timer and set the timer for 2 hours prior to you getting home.

After about the 7th year it developed a slight clicking sound. I'm not sure if this is due to wear and tear or the fact that I have packed and moved it long distance a couple of times. I think if it was never bounced around in a moving truck it would not have gotten that clicking sound. It's not really that bad and in fact It doesn't really bother me.

If this unit had a timer function that would make it perfect! The ability to set the time for it to come on at the high speed 2 hours before I get home from work. And to go off right after I leave for work. This would be a nice addition.

I gave this 4/12 stars. But since there isn't a .5 rating I gave it 4. I highly recommend this product. It does exactly what it is designed to do.

Get more detail about Honeywell 16200 Desktop HEPA Air Purifier.

Discount Honeywell 50150 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

I've had this unit for about 2 years now. A couple of days ago some smoke from my neighbors grill blew in through my windows. I shut them and turned the air purifier on high. Four hours later the room was still full of smoke. I reopened the windows since my neighbor had finished and the smoke cleared the room soon after.

I have had the unit running round the clock for about 1.5 years, before that I used it sporadically. I really don't know if it ever made a difference or it just stopped working after using it approx two years. I've replaced the carbon filter and vacuumed the main filter as needed.

According to the review of a slightly different model (the 50250) at [...]:

"Permanent HEPA filters will need to be replaced eventually, since multiple vacuuming does degrade performance.

Lifetime is a brand name, not a guarantee."

Darnit, now why did I vacuum that thing?? I guess the "lifetime" hepa filter has reached end of life already??

It does work great as white noise to block out my neighbor's constantly barking dog though. Basically like a loud fan.Get more detail about Honeywell 50150 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier.

Cheapest Honeywell 3031F Deluxe Locking Steel Box

This box is very solidly built.It's not super secure but if you just want to lock away papers or some petty cash this is the box. I really love it. It also looks pretty goodGet more detail about Honeywell 3031F Deluxe Locking Steel Box.

Cheap Honeywell HRF-14 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter

This replacement filter smells putrid. I mean really bad. It is the soft black rubber material that houses the pleated filter, which is different from the hard plastic material in the original 17000 filter. It stunk so bad in two minutes that I had to shut the filter off and return the replacement filter. It took an hour for the smell to go away. I am going to buy the envirocare original replacement instead; there is no use getting a "permanent" replacement filter if it smells so bad I can't even stand to run the unt. I'm not kidding - it smelled like burning rubber.Get more detail about Honeywell HRF-14 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter.

Buying First Alert 2037F .62 Cubic Foot Fire and Water File Chest

I received this as a Christmas gift. I am using it to protect my photo negatives, home videos and CDs. When it was delievered the inside of the safe was damp and all of the contents(paperwork) as well. Weird for a "waterproof" safe. I dried it out and am using it. I hope I never have to discover how well it works. It is sturdy and easy to use. For size comparison- It can fit a ladies size 8 and 1/2 dress shoe box inside with about 3-4 inches of room above.Get more detail about First Alert 2037F .62 Cubic Foot Fire and Water File Chest.

Buy Honeywell Quietcare Ultrasonic Mini Tower Humidifier

Like others I found that it runs great for a while. Eventually about 2 weeks in I had troubles with it producing mist. I tilted it back and found that worked great for about 3 months. I used the optional filter cartriges and cleaned it every 3 days but it eventually stopped producing mist. I can't get it to work anymore. I wouldn't buy another KAZ/HONEYWELL product except for perhaps the large cool air units.Get more detail about Honeywell Quietcare Ultrasonic Mini Tower Humidifier.

Purchase Honeywell HFR-11 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter

This item works very well at removing dust from my apartment. My neighbor uses one in her apartment to remove her cigarette smoke, and I can say that it definitely works - I hate cigarette smoke, and I can't detect it when I'm in her apartment (I can smell cigarette smoke in a car that passes me on the street.)Get more detail about Honeywell HFR-11 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter.

Order Honeywell 21500 Enviracaire True HEPA Filter

This filter will also fit model 50150. I searched for a while before I found this filter with the same dimensions as the 50100, 50150, 50250, 50300 series filters. No need to buy two of the smaller filters and stack them if this one is available. Get more detail about Honeywell 21500 Enviracaire True HEPA Filter.

Where To Buy Honeywell 16216 HEPA-Type Replacement Filter for 16200 Desktop Air Purifier

This is the best price I've found for this particular filter replacement (I think free shipping option does help a lot to save money!).

It actually WORKS. I have two indoor cats and it's a huge difference when I actually run the filter and when I don't. I'm not really allergic to cats or anything, but when they shed, their fur gets everywhere, and who wouldn't sneeze if cat/dog fur gets into your nose and tickle or gets in your eyes? (A lot of people think they're ALLERGIC to some pets when they actually aren't, they're just reacting to extra particles in the air, animal fur in the air's like having a string of dust in the air, which would bother ANYONE who wants to breathe in that air).

Anyway, it also works well against filtering dust mites. I do my best to keep the house clean and linens not touching the floor or anything ever (nothing that has been on the couch where my cats have been can enter my bedroom and nothing that touches the floor gets put back on couch or bed - they get washed in hot water immediately), I steam clean the carpet often enough and bathe my cats in water before letting them loose on a clean carpet. But you simply cannot get rid of ALL dust mites when you have pets running around and own a couch or two even if you use your furniture-cleaning option on couches or upholstery. I am indeed allergic to dustmites actually, not just sensitive to them...

But if you have this filter on for more than 24 hours, it's SO MUCH easier to breathe and also my nose doesn't constantly run and my eyes don't turn red all the time like when I don't run the filter.

Just be careful and not ruin your filter without even using it much: read instructions and take care of it so you don't let this filter just sit there and go bad on you.

This filter works well in a medium sized room I have, I think it works decently in a bigger size livingroom too, although it takes a lot longer and I have to have it on the highest power.

If you don't run the filter frequently and just let it sit there, though, it can go bad easily, and dust mites it traps can actually fester inside the filter with non-moving air. So read instruction before you complain how your "newly replaced and only used once" filter made the air in your room worse. 'cause carbon can expire if you just let it sit there as well, and whatever it traps can fester inside if you don't use it for awhile.Get more detail about Honeywell 16216 HEPA-Type Replacement Filter for 16200 Desktop Air Purifier.

Shop For Honeywell HC888 Humidifier Replacement Filter

Works well, I change every 2 weeks because the model keeps the filter wet, leading to mold.Get more detail about Honeywell HC888 Humidifier Replacement Filter.

Honeywell DC-102 Replacement Demineralization Cartridge for Honeywell Ultrasonic Humidifier, 2 Pack

this product does what it's supposed to do , however they need replacing more than the recomendation. the price here was the cheapest anywhere.Get more detail about Honeywell DC-102 Replacement Demineralization Cartridge for Honeywell Ultrasonic Humidifier, 2 Pack.

Honeywell 2072 1.00 Cubic Foot Anti-Theft Shelf Safe with Digital Lock Review

I could not bolt the safe to the floor because the hardware that came with it did not fit through the predrilled holes. It did not work when it arrived. I changed the circut board twice and it still will not work. The safe is now discontinued and I cannot exchange it. I can only open it with the key and a spare key is very costly to replace. Avoid this product.Get more detail about Honeywell 2072 1.00 Cubic Foot Anti-Theft Shelf Safe with Digital Lock.