Discount Honeywell 50150 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier

I've had this unit for about 2 years now. A couple of days ago some smoke from my neighbors grill blew in through my windows. I shut them and turned the air purifier on high. Four hours later the room was still full of smoke. I reopened the windows since my neighbor had finished and the smoke cleared the room soon after.

I have had the unit running round the clock for about 1.5 years, before that I used it sporadically. I really don't know if it ever made a difference or it just stopped working after using it approx two years. I've replaced the carbon filter and vacuumed the main filter as needed.

According to the review of a slightly different model (the 50250) at [...]:

"Permanent HEPA filters will need to be replaced eventually, since multiple vacuuming does degrade performance.

Lifetime is a brand name, not a guarantee."

Darnit, now why did I vacuum that thing?? I guess the "lifetime" hepa filter has reached end of life already??

It does work great as white noise to block out my neighbor's constantly barking dog though. Basically like a loud fan.Get more detail about Honeywell 50150 Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier.

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