Honeywell Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier - 50250

I will echo all of the positive reviews seen here and add some extra information.

Reading the various reviews, people may be worried if they are finding the right model in the stores, and if the model inside has the lifetime HEPA filter or not. The box may say permanent or it may say something else, with a sticker that says "permanent filter inside". This is all you need to know. I don't think it's even possible to find inventory that still contains the replaceable filter.

As a torture test, we put our unit in the kitchen when we roasted greasy chickens over the 2008 holidays. This usually stinks out our apartment for a week, and it still did. It was too much greasy smoke for the Honeywell. Worse yet, after moving the unit back to the office, there was a roast chicken scent for another 5 or 6 days. I was about to replace the one month-old carbon pre-filter, but then it finally wore off and now the unit seems as fresh as new.

But roast chickens aside, the difference in air quality in the office and bedroom (we move this unit around daily from home to office) is very impressive. Dust is down, chemical odors are gone, (I sell glue and solvents), and the computers are staying clean. (When we had an ionic breeze, the electronics would attract more dirt, and the air would be dusty, now the air is clean and so is the equipment).

I did so much research before buying this and I am very happy I chose this unit. I run it on low for about 16 hours a day, occasionally on high after making the bed in the morning, and only turn it off at night (for silence).

I'm considering getting a second one, but then its so easy to move...

Update: March 11th 2009, used every day since December 11th (3 months) and still working perfectly and very effective, without any filter change or vacuuming. The only odd thing is that the filter indicator lights seem unchanged so maybe they don't work. I don't know, but I will try to wait another three months before changing the pre-filter and vacuuming the permanent HEPA filter.Buy Honeywell Permanent True HEPA Air Purifier - 50250!

Honeywell PCR426W Weather Forecaster with Dual Projection and Atomic Clock

The main issue we have with this is getting a valid outdoor temperature. This is a replacement for The Weather Channel clock/weather forecaster. I love the projected display but can't seem to get the outdoor sensor in a good spot to give an accurate temperature. It seems to be much more limited in the distance it can be away from the base than our prior device, thus it must be too close to the house and gets too much house heat.Buy Honeywell PCR426W Weather Forecaster with Dual Projection and Atomic Clock!

Window Fan

The fan fit perfectly in the window, the temp controlled fan works. Wish list, it would be nice if there was a way to close the fan openings when not in use. Another way of explaining this would be is that basically the design makes the window open to outside air & sounds all of the time. Whether you want it or not. Otherwise for the price I paid < $30 it was perfect. Make a point to shop around, the same units price range was from $25 - $85.Buy Window Fan!

Honeywell HFD-135 Permanent IFD UV Antibacterial Air Purifier

I love this product! My husband and I both have allergies and asthma, and 2 small dogs. We have the filter in our bedroom and I could tell a difference right away. We own two other Honeywell filters as well and this is my favorite one by far because there is no expensive filters to buy. For those of you who think this product is loud, you haven't had many air purifiers. It's not extreamly quiet but this one rates as one of the quietest even when on high!Buy Honeywell HFD-135 Permanent IFD UV Antibacterial Air Purifier!

Honeywell HWM-335 QuickSteam 3-Gallon Warm Moisture Humidifier

Works great at humidifying a large area of the home. A little awkward to fill(you have to hold it), but does fit under kitchen faucet.Mineral build-up minimized with the pads; however the heating plate can be cleaned up with Lime-away or similar product by soaking it a shprt time. I would recommed this product.Buy Honeywell HWM-335 QuickSteam 3-Gallon Warm Moisture Humidifier!

Honeywell 2011 .17 Cubic Foot Fire Chest

This safe is larger and heavier than I thought and looks to be very well made. You have to lock it with the key. We put it inside our fire-resistant file cabinet for added protection. Buy Honeywell 2011 .17 Cubic Foot Fire Chest!

Honeywell Easy Fit-n-Set Replacement Air Filter - 40190

These might have to be cut, ripped or torn to fit, depending which filter you have. That can be a hassle, but the filters do the job they're supposed to. (You can tell by how dirty they get.)Buy Honeywell Easy Fit-n-Set Replacement Air Filter - 40190!

Honeywell 22500 Hepa Replacement Filter

I purchased this filter from "Allergy Be Gone" via Amazon. It was advertised as "Genuine Honeywell True HEPA filter" but when the product arrived it was clearly made by some other company than Honeywell. And it is not of the same quality as the Honeywell HEPA filter (the Honeywell has soft rubber gaskets while the one that I received has hard plastic gaskets which makes it harder to seal the filter in the unit).Buy Honeywell 22500 Hepa Replacement Filter!

Honeywell HWM-500 UV Warm Moisture Humidifier

It is working excellent and the delivery was on time and the humidifier arrived in good condition.Buy Honeywell HWM-500 UV Warm Moisture Humidifier!

Honeywell/Enviracaire Preflilter #32002 (2 pk)

These Honeywell HEPA filters actually do help. And the pre-filter is an essential part of the program.Buy Honeywell/Enviracaire Preflilter #32002 (2 pk)!

Honeywell HZ-370GP Electronic Ceramic Heater

I have about 10 portable heaters between my house and my office. I have several Honeywell models which are ceramic. I also have the Honeywell model 709 oil-filled heater.

This model, the 370 ceramic heater, is the best so far. The thermostat works the way it should. The older models that Honeywell makes like the 339, and 341 work well, but the thermostat doesn't work the way it should.

This new model, the 370, works absolutely awesome.

Don't buy the oil filled model. I did some detailed testing with thermometers and timers. The ceramic model heats the room twice as well as the oil filled.

I use all my heaters every day for about 6 months per year. Take my word for it, this model is great.

The plastic will smell for a few weeks though. That seems unavoidable with any model unfortunately. Just run it in the basement or garage for 15 minutes per day for a few weeks and the smell is gone.

Buy this model and you won't be disappointed.Buy Honeywell HZ-370GP Electronic Ceramic Heater!

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

This is a wonderful product, I actually have one back at home and I ordered one for where I am residing now, it's a nice source of heat coming from such a small heater. I usually just keep it on the highest notch but on the first level and it does a great job. It would be great for on top of a high tv stand or use it in your office. If you have a Master bedroom, this may be too small in keeping such a room warm. Quality is great and it came before the "due date". Thanks Buy Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat!