Where To Buy Honeywell 16216 HEPA-Type Replacement Filter for 16200 Desktop Air Purifier

This is the best price I've found for this particular filter replacement (I think free shipping option does help a lot to save money!).

It actually WORKS. I have two indoor cats and it's a huge difference when I actually run the filter and when I don't. I'm not really allergic to cats or anything, but when they shed, their fur gets everywhere, and who wouldn't sneeze if cat/dog fur gets into your nose and tickle or gets in your eyes? (A lot of people think they're ALLERGIC to some pets when they actually aren't, they're just reacting to extra particles in the air, animal fur in the air's like having a string of dust in the air, which would bother ANYONE who wants to breathe in that air).

Anyway, it also works well against filtering dust mites. I do my best to keep the house clean and linens not touching the floor or anything ever (nothing that has been on the couch where my cats have been can enter my bedroom and nothing that touches the floor gets put back on couch or bed - they get washed in hot water immediately), I steam clean the carpet often enough and bathe my cats in water before letting them loose on a clean carpet. But you simply cannot get rid of ALL dust mites when you have pets running around and own a couch or two even if you use your furniture-cleaning option on couches or upholstery. I am indeed allergic to dustmites actually, not just sensitive to them...

But if you have this filter on for more than 24 hours, it's SO MUCH easier to breathe and also my nose doesn't constantly run and my eyes don't turn red all the time like when I don't run the filter.

Just be careful and not ruin your filter without even using it much: read instructions and take care of it so you don't let this filter just sit there and go bad on you.

This filter works well in a medium sized room I have, I think it works decently in a bigger size livingroom too, although it takes a lot longer and I have to have it on the highest power.

If you don't run the filter frequently and just let it sit there, though, it can go bad easily, and dust mites it traps can actually fester inside the filter with non-moving air. So read instruction before you complain how your "newly replaced and only used once" filter made the air in your room worse. 'cause carbon can expire if you just let it sit there as well, and whatever it traps can fester inside if you don't use it for awhile.Get more detail about Honeywell 16216 HEPA-Type Replacement Filter for 16200 Desktop Air Purifier.

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