HONEYWELL/ENVIRACAIRE HAC-504 Replacement Filter Pad

I purchased the "replacement" filter with no blue covering from Filters Now. First, and it is unsubstantiated I admit, it does not appear to be made by Honeywell as it is shipped with no label in a plain box. I could be wrong though. Regardless, even if it were made by NASA for the space shuttle, the fact remains that it is lousy!

I live in Arizona and use the humidifier for a small apartment. Within two hours of use (on high or medium setting) the top half of the filter that is not immersed in water is totally dry. Apparently the "wicking" action of the filter is so poor that the very act of using it (by passing air through it to humidify air) drys the filter out such that it becomes nearly useless.

The OEM filter with the blue wrapping worked HUGELY better. Same apartment, same machine, same season, same outside relative humidity. With the "blue" filter, humidity averaged 40% . With this one, we can barely keep it at 25% and this is flipping it and rinsing it every two or three hours. The other way to compare is the tank used to empty in less than 12 hours and now is half full after 12 hours of use.

I understand some people claim the blue gets mildew, but at least that is a sign that it actually stays wet! I never had mildew, but I had humidity. I would never buy this one again. Total waste of money. Should have built my own from an old sweat sock for all the good it does.Buy HONEYWELL/ENVIRACAIRE HAC-504 Replacement Filter Pad!

Honeywell HCM-635 QuietCare 3.0 Gallon Moist Humidifier

Maybe it's just that I've had allergies and the constant presence of air cleaners all my life, but to me this product emits a perfectly acceptable level of white noise. It capably humidifies my small condo from a central location, helping my hubby's eczema and my sinuses. Also helps with little annoyances, like staticky hair. I do fear my area's hard water is prematurely aging the filter, but if I go through more filters, so be it, I think it's a reasonable price to pay for the comfort the humidifier brings.Buy Honeywell HCM-635 QuietCare 3.0 Gallon Moist Humidifier!

Honeywell HZ3200 Tower Surround Heater

This will be going in the trash as soon as we receive an oil-filled space heater. The knobs have fallen off; it rattles extremely loudly; and the power cord gets frighteningly hot. Honeywell used to be a respected name, now it just sells junk. Buy DeLonghi.Buy Honeywell HZ3200 Tower Surround Heater!

Honeywell HUT102 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Tower

Mine also developed leaks. The problems is inside, not outside. Remove rubber plugs and screws, take out plate with fan, than plate with heating unit, there are than 2 rubber gaskets, one clear one black going into the unit. Clean and coat them with silicon sealer and put it back together. 10 minute fix. Good LuckBuy Honeywell HUT102 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Tower!

Honeywell Universal Air Cleaner Prefilter (2 uses)

I don't feel it works as well as others I have bought. It cut in half real good with a razor blade though.Buy Honeywell Universal Air Cleaner Prefilter (2 uses)!

24000/24500 Honeywell Air Cleaner Replacement Filter

I have severe allergies, so we run our air purifier all night, every night in the bedroom. It's a great deal for us to find this full size heppa filter for our machine. If we used the universal replacement filters, we'd need to use 3 of them. By the time we stack them, we get half rubber edging and half heppa filter. I much prefer the full size heppa filter. I think it does a more efficient job.Buy 24000/24500 Honeywell Air Cleaner Replacement Filter!

Honeywell HZ-3750GP Electronic Ceramic Tower Heater

I just got this unit for a small play room in my basement. The temp in the basement is around 60F in the winter time. I set the unit for 68F and in over an hour, the room is still around 60F. You do feel the heat if you are in front of it but it certainly does not heat up a whole room. On a more positive note, there is no loud beeps when a button is pushed. Buy Honeywell HZ-3750GP Electronic Ceramic Tower Heater!

Honeywell HZ-2030 Safety Sensor Heater

WE used this model for years and years, then it finally died after a series of power outages and brown outs. So we went on a search to find this exact same model because we like how this one works out of all the others. This is one of the safest, and most effective space heaters I have used. It gets approved by our Higher Education Safety committee every time. Great product, keep up the good work! Buy Honeywell HZ-2030 Safety Sensor Heater!

Honeywell 2037 .62 Cubic Foot Fire and Water File Chest

Ordered this on the strength of the reviews here, and it meets all expectations (appears to be sturdy enough to be fire/waterproof, but as reviewers have said, kind of hard to test that). But though perfectly happy with the actual product, Amazon's packaging leaves something to be desired (it arrived with top corner completely crushed in, when it was dropped even the plastic casing was fractured). Re-reading many of the Honeywell and SentrySafe reviews, I've just noticed that many customers have also received damaged safes. I'm sending this back to Amazon and will instead buy one from the local Lowe's. Amazon has to pack heavy items more securely.
Buy Honeywell 2037 .62 Cubic Foot Fire and Water File Chest!

Honeywell HFS641P 16-Inch Remote Control Stand Fan

Decent fan, but the weight that mounts under the base arrived broken where the screws go through the plastic posts on the underside of the base. Buy Honeywell HFS641P 16-Inch Remote Control Stand Fan!