Honeywell HCM-630 QuietCare 3.0 Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier

The humidifier does a good job keeping my 700sqft apartment humidified. I have to refill the 3 gallon tank once in the morning and once at night. I bought it for my pet tortoise who needs higher humidity, but it has really helped my sinus problems and dry skin problems. The tortoise's dry skin has cleared up nicely, also.

I have NO trouble removing or inserting the tank. It is very easy and fits securely into the base. NO leaks. It must have been redesigned from the previous complaints. There are pegs on the bottom of the tank that fit into the base so you know you have placed it correctly.

I use filtered water and have not had the problem with white dust.

You will not see water vapor with this humidifier. If you let it run for the day while you are at work, you can feel the difference in the air when you walk into the room.

The fan noise did not bother me. It was a quiet soothing white noise sound. If you are a picky sleeper and can't tolerate new sounds then you will probably be unhappy with *any* fan driven appliance. The humidifier does not make any excess fan noise and runs smoothly. Buy Honeywell HCM-630 QuietCare 3.0 Gallon Cool Moisture Humidifier!

Honeywell 2072 1.00 Cubic Foot Anti-Theft Shelf Safe with Digital Lock

This is exactly what we were looking for and exactly as it was described to be.Buy Honeywell 2072 1.00 Cubic Foot Anti-Theft Shelf Safe with Digital Lock!

Honeywell HW-628 Enviracaire Twin Window Fan

I have two of these things and I love them. I mainly use them in the summer for cooling the house in the cool evenings to save on air conditioning.

These things have saved me tons of money and I'll continue to use them for years to come.Buy Honeywell HW-628 Enviracaire Twin Window Fan!

Honeywell HC-14 Replacement Filter for Holmes Cool Moisture Humidifier

I'm very pleased with this filter,once a week I soak it in my kitchen sink with a natural germicide and than put it back into my humidifier. The reason I use the germicide is to kill any fungus or bacteria that was giving off a musty oder that was unpleasant. The filter is holding up well. I have a lot of houseplants and apparently some fruit flies have found a home somewhere in some of my potted plants. The humidifier is also an air filter and it helps keep this fruitfly popualtion down. Since most local stores in Chicago do not carry the HC-14 I am pleased that I can use my humidifier again. I have been using the same filter for almost a month and the weekly soaking in my sink seems to freshen and clean it up and flushes out any dead fruitflies. I highly recommend this product and the price is very reasonable. Thanks so Much. SEC in Chicago, IL Buy Honeywell HC-14 Replacement Filter for Holmes Cool Moisture Humidifier!

Honeywell HZ-2200 Mini Tower Surround Heater

Nice small size. Does the job. I think its noisy though. At lower voltage it can cause this additional buzzing noise. My room mate doesn't think it's noisy, so it can be a matter of opinion. Buy Honeywell HZ-2200 Mini Tower Surround Heater!

Honeywell 17005 QuietCare HEPA Air Purifier

I have bought 3 different air purifiers ranging from small rooms to large. This product is good for medium sized rooms and although it is loud on medium or high settings, it does the job well and has a permanent true hepa filter. The price I just saw on Amazon here was a good $50 less (Target $125)than what you can get at retail, so I must say - I would have bought it here had I known. Buy Honeywell 17005 QuietCare HEPA Air Purifier!

Honeywell HT804 Super Turbo High Performance Fan, White

I dunno, seemed quiet enough to me. Lots of peeps griped its too loud. It's not.Buy Honeywell HT804 Super Turbo High Performance Fan, White!

Honeywell HMP-12P QuickSteam Mineral Absorption Pad, 12 Pack

this product is not recommended to be purchased alongwith Honeywell HMW 500 humidifier, else okBuy Honeywell HMP-12P QuickSteam Mineral Absorption Pad, 12 Pack!

Honeywell 17000 HEPA QuietCare Air Cleaner

The 17000s are 3 speed air cleaners with an average Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 130.

This is low powered, near the bottomof the useful air cleaning range.

Honeywell 17000 provides 6 air changes per hour in a 12- by 14-foot room, 168 sq. ft.

That is my maximum room size recommendation.

Installation in an area larger than 168 square feet may lead to disappointment.

A soft touch control system allows changing air purification level without waking sleepers.

Honeywell True HEPA Air Filtration

My favorite feature on the 14 inch round Honeywell air purifiers, of which I have 4, is the bolted locking mechanism.

On the 17000 series it provides side mounted access to the filter compartment. Unlike many air purifying devicesin this class, these air cleaners seal tightly, allowing little bypassing of unclean air.

Air cleaners in the near $100 area often cut corners, but the 17000 Honeywell has a 99.97% at .3 micron true HEPA filter.

Others have HEPA-type air filters, which do not have any standard to conform to.

Honeywell has gone to a modular filter system for their 14 inch round air cleaners. These common filters are stacked 2 or 3 high, depending on model. Honeywell 17000 air cleaners use 2.

Filter monitors, one for the prefilter and one for the HEPA, are merely timers, not true pressure switches. They give you a reminder to check for dirt build-up, nothing more.

A quick tap on either filter monitor button will cause its light to flash up to 3 or 4 times, showing approximate used filter life.

A recent upgrade to the Honeywell line is the "lifetime" HEPA filter.

This permanent HEPA filter can be gently vacuumed about twice a year.

For cleaner air, the "permanent" HEPA filter still needs replacement eventually after several vacuumings, as performance has been found to decline.

Note that "lifetime" is a brand name, not a guarantee.

Make sure you are getting the lifetime HEPA filter, many 17000s are still in inventory with the old part number 20500 HEPA filter.

If the air cleaner has the older filter style, be sure it is discounted accordingly.

Neither the activated carbon pre-filter, nor the HEPA filter are washable.

I wrap these with extra silk cloth outside the prefilter, wash the silk monthly, and have never bought filters.

Air filters are easy to change, without tools, just by unscrewing the round locking mechanism.

No Airborne VOC Chemical Capability

This is about as inexpensive as a HEPA air purifier can be, yet it still does an adequate job in a properly sized room without airborne chemicals.

One user complained that filters had tobe replaced after use in a room with fumes like glue, paint thinner, paint, and nail polish remover.

Here is the biggest mistake air purifier buyers make: thinking a little air cleaner can clean up this type toxic environment.

Please, at minimum, take these toxic chemicals to the garage!

Quietcare is NOT Quiet

Honeywell declines to publish noise specifications.

Marketing hype is offered instead, preventing consumers from making informed decisions.

Without actual decibel level tests, we are left with subjective interpretations of sound.

The inexpensive Honeywell air purifiers are not among the quietest. Users uniformly rate them as loud.

I have four 14 inch round air cleaners by Honeywell; including two 12520s and a 50250. These have seen intermittent operation for years.

I like these dust gobblers; low priced, well sealed HEPAs.

But they are way too loud for bedroom use and I would never think of them as a defense against chemicals.

Measuring 15.8 x 13.1 x 17.1 inches and weighing 13.4 pounds, the rounded 17000 is among the most portable of air cleaners.
Buy Honeywell 17000 HEPA QuietCare Air Cleaner!

Honeywell 17000N Permanent Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier

The delivery and payment were ideal but the product is just so/so. Last year I purchased a fan from Sams with the ION module and it works wonders... Cost about $40 compared to this - I should have gone back to SamsBuy Honeywell 17000N Permanent Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier!

Honeywell HWM450 Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier

I use my humidifier all the time in the winter. Although it needs to be cleaned regularly, the filters don't cost much and the machine works really well. I recently cracked the water tank while refilling it in the tub but when I called customer service, they said it was still under warranty and would ship me a new water tank free of charge within 7-10 business days. Buy Honeywell HWM450 Quick Steam Warm Moisture Humidifier!

Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower HEPAQuiet Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter, Black

One post states that this unit "emits ozone from the ionizer", and others mention or question ozone or ozone-like smells.

I just thought I'd share what I've found thus far on that point, and a useful independent air cleaner product testing organization and website. One may be wise to question and do their own research regarding manufacturer claims, and similarly question any unsubstantiated comments by reviewers (my statements below included).

It appears the Honeywell HFD-120-Q does in fact meet current standards for ozone emission, at least as shown on page 8 of the "2009 Directory of Certified Portable Electric Room Air Cleaners", Edition No. 1, January 2009, published by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) ( AHAM is "an organization that verifies the testing results of home appliances such as room air conditioners, dehumidifiers - and, of course, room air cleaners" (see introductory page of Directory).

The AHAM directory provides useful comparison information regarding rates of smoke, dust, and pollen removal, and a room size for each unit. The HFD-120-Q compares favorably, so I've given it 5 stars on that basis (and in fairness given the preponderance of other 5 star ratings, and my other experience with Honeywell products). I'm personally also concerned about comparisons regarding electricity use (Greenhouse gases), generation and disposal of waste (e.g., used filters), maintenance time and effort required, and total cost of ownership. Ozone generation, though, doesn't appear to be an issue relative to the HFD-120-Q (or units of other major manufacturers, as listed in AHAM's directory).

The EPA webpage cited in another post ( discusses ozone generating devices in general, but after 20 minutes of searching that article and a number of its links I could find no mention or citation of a specific air cleaner being cited as generating ozone at a rate above standards. In one linked article I found only the statement that "Some portable air cleaners using electronic air cleaners might produce ozone", with a link then provided to the AHAM directory (see "Portable Air Cleaners" section:

AHAM does note that its testing does not include a repeat of ozone tests performed by Underwriters Laboratories: "Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard 867 recognizes 50 ppb as a maximum ozone emission limit. Participants may voluntarily provide certified ozone emissions data to UL Standard 867, Section 37, which is not subject to separate verification testing by AHAM. Additional information on ozone emission is available from individual manufacturers."

Those concerned about ozone emission from air cleaners should do further research themselves (e.g., Underwriters Laboratories information). This is as far as I've gotten myself. I too am wary of biased information, and "facts" are often hard to come by.Buy Honeywell HFD-120-Q Tower HEPAQuiet Air Purifier with Permanent IFD Filter, Black!