Lowest Price Honeywell HCM-6011i QuietCare 11-Gallon Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology

When my old console humidifier (the brand bought out by Kaz) died a month before the warranty ran out, Kaz replaced it with the fancy new Model HCM 6013 or 6012 that allowed you to set the humidity. It was AWFUL! It wouldn't keep the ROOM humidified because it detected the humidity it was spewing out in its immediate vicinity & KEPT SHUTTING OFF! (Yes, it probably WAS 45% right near the machine--but my hygrometer 10 feet away read 27%, & the room was DRY.) A significant design flaw... So they were kind enough to swap it out for this cheaper HCM 6011i--& it has been WONDERFUL since I set it up in Feb. 2006!

Within a few HOURS, this unit raises the room humidity from 25% to 45%+. I monitor with a hygrometer across the room--& I can tell it's accurate by how much better my nose feels!

Because I keep it running NON-STOP, 24/7, I LOVE having 2 separate (1.5 gal.) tanks: I can easily fill one at a time (much easier to carry, supported with 2 hands, than a single tank twice the size) & there's always one tank at least partially filled. (It will run a while after the tanks empty, from the water left in the base.)

I have not had ANY problem with mold/mildew--unless I don't get to refill it & it sits a day or more drying out. (The more common white powder that builds up after prolonged use, I assume to be mineral deposits--less when I use filtered water.) And even when I notice that greenish tinge on the filter, I've never had a problem with mildew ODOR. I prefer to use bacteriostatic solution added to each tank (every refill) --MUCH cheaper than the Protec cartridges, & easy enough to pour the calculated amount in after each fill (it foams up if you add water AFTER bacteriostat). The only problem is that bacteriostatic solutions (from any manufacturer) are getting harder to find; I don't know why Lowe's, Home Depot, etc. have discontinued them, while they continue to carry the DESCALING/cleaning solution (which is unnecessary, because plain white vinegar accomplishes the descaling more economically).

I didn't like the design when I first saw it (compared to the huge box shape of the old model, which was less likely to spill water when you rolled it around). However, it's about 30% smaller, MUCH easier to clean & disinfect, & I just let it run almost dry so there's no spillage carrying the lightweight base to the tub.

The humidistat works MUCH more efficiently than the regulator on the fancy model. When it reaches the humidity I want, I turn down the humidistat knob til it shuts off, & it does a great job of cycling to maintain that level.

Although it's moderately noisy at the highest fan setting, I only use that when first starting up for the season (or whenever it's run dry & the room humidity drops) to quickly get the moisture level up. It's unobtrusive at medium or low setting. I position it at the bedroom door to the hallway--& it maintains humidity only 5-8% lower at the other end of the house!

If I can get at least 5 years out of this machine, it will be one of the best home investments I've made. Maintaining at least 45% humidity makes a HUGE difference in how your skin & mucous membranes feel in your nose & throat. I highly recommend this HCM-6011i ((includes an ionizer).Get more detail about Honeywell HCM-6011i QuietCare 11-Gallon Console Humidifier with Air Washing Technology.

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