Honeywell YTHX9321R5003 Prestige HD Thermostat Kit Best Quality

This unit by Honeywell is the best looking unit I have ever seen, its HD display in second to none and the LCD remote is perfect. The kit also comes with an outdoor sensor that will send temperature and humidity readings to the thermostat and the remote. It has a whole host of settings that can be fine tuned to your liking, many reviews and sellers may say to have it installed by a professional but that is not necessary with basic knowledge. You can run two of these as I do, the only catch that I have found it that its better to use the two remotes than one for both, only because it cancels out one feature if you try to use only one. Your guests and family will be amazed by the nice looking display and handy remote, once you get over dropping 4 to 8 hundred dollars for one ore two units you will be pleased. Get more detail about Honeywell YTHX9321R5003 Prestige HD Thermostat Kit.

Honeywell International T87K1007 Round Manual Thermostat Get it now!

I purchased the Honeywell "T87K1007" ON 1/8/09. It worked fine for about a month or less. My wife & I woke up & it was only fifty in out bedroom. No matter what setting I put the thermostat at, there was never any demand at the burner. I reinstalled an very old Honeywell mucry thermostat and this old baby is working fine. Per the Honeywell maual it says that it has a five year warantee. Well, I did that & Honeywell said it only has a one year warantee and that the vendor is responsable. I would never, never buy another Honeywell product again. I am out $29.50 and that sucks.Get more detail about Honeywell International T87K1007 Round Manual Thermostat.

Honeywell S8610U3009 (repl S8610U1003) gas universal int. pilot control module for nat or LP gas Buy Now

Item received was not a Honeywell product, but another brand. My Tech. installed it only to find it was defective.
I called the seller and told him of the problem. He agreed to accept it back and credited my Card.
If I had a need to I would buy from him again.Get more detail about Honeywell S8610U3009 (repl S8610U1003) gas universal int. pilot control module for nat or LP gas.

Honeywell HW6200 7750 Watt 13 HP 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator (Non-CARB Compliant) Order Now

We bought this because of the frustration of 3-4 day power outages occurring fairly frequently around here, and having to listen to all the generators around us while we were powerless! We didn't know Honeywell made a generator, but it's a good name. A generator is one of those things that you never want to have to use, but when you need it, you need it! Of course, since we bought this we haven't lost our power, but living in the country it's only a matter of time. We "fired it up" after it arrived; it is amazingly quiet, and it started fairly easily (after my husband put enough gas in it!)The Super Saver Shipping meant that we got it sent for free (amazing!). The price was lower than anything I'd been able to find either locally or online. So far we're really pleased with this product, and I'm trusting that during the next power outage we'll be o.k.Get more detail about Honeywell HW6200 7750 Watt 13 HP 389cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator (Non-CARB Compliant).

Honeywell 16-Inch Remote Control Stand Fan #HS-300 Decide Now

I bought this fan back in 2008 and I really did like it....Now, the motor went out on me and I'm pretty dissapointed concidering I only had it this long! I would probably skip this fan and check on another one! I really thought that Honeywell would have made a better product....Maybe it just happened to be mine or just my luck???Get more detail about Honeywell 16-Inch Remote Control Stand Fan #HS-300.

Honeywell RTH110B Horizontal Digital Manual Thermostat Right now

I bought this thermostat because I did not need a programmable one. It looked nice and simple and like it would do the trick. Wrong. First it has a snap on cover that blocks the fan on/off and cool/heat buttons. If it was hinged you could simply leave it open. Instead I took it off and put it in the drawer.

But the temperature setting is what makes this a no go. It's summertime so I set the thermostat to 76 degrees. It's digital so you'd expect it be accurate and hold the desired temperature. Package claims +/- one degree accuracy. Wrong. Temperature swing, according to the reading on the thermometer, ranged from 74 to 78 degrees! At night it would stay at 78 and the a/c would not turn on leaving the house warm and muggy. I called the 800 number and they said give it two weeks to learn my system. Wrong. Honeywell should take this unit off the market.Get more detail about Honeywell RTH110B Horizontal Digital Manual Thermostat.

Lowest Price Honeywell 2079 Top-Opening Drawer Safe, 0.67 Cubic Foot

Easy to set up. Solid. Not as small as I thought it might be. I'd review the dimensions before ordering it. I thought I could put it in a drawer of a file cabinet I had..but it won't fit. Not a big deal for me...but it might be for someone.

Otherwise, I think it is solid construction. I like it.Get more detail about Honeywell 2079 Top-Opening Drawer Safe, 0.67 Cubic Foot.

Low Price Honeywell High Velocity Air Circulator Floor Fan

for this price, these are unbeatable.

Our master bedroom with vaulted ceiling was always a problem for ventilation.
These fans circulate the air properly.

These can also be used as window fans, which is great in the summer.Get more detail about Honeywell High Velocity Air Circulator Floor Fan.

Save Honeywell HZ-2800P Turbo Heater Fan

This is a decent heater for a cubicle desk or a tiny bedroom, but don't assume it will work well for any space bigger than that. Seems to use a lot of electricity compared to the heat it puts out. Would be an OK buy if you can find it on sale for less than half the retail price.Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-2800P Turbo Heater Fan.

Discount Honeywell HZ-315 Ceramic Heater

Honeywell HZ-315 Ceramic Heater
Greetings to whom it may concern. I purchased two of these HZ-315 ceramic heaters on January 28, 2009. Both vibrated across a smooth hard floor surface, very unsafe behavior for an electrical heating appliance. It was too costly to ship back even though they said they'd waive the return fee at customer service. Heater #1 failed on March 20th, didn't even last 2 months. I would advise to steer clear of this model, it's not the quality product you'd expect from a company like Honeywell and doesn't appear to be built to last either. The company I bought it from was very professional and timely, I did not contact them for a replacement. I wouldn't have wanted it anyway.Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-315 Ceramic Heater.

Cheapest Honeywell TH6220 FocusPro 6000 5-1-1 Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat

This Honeywell TH6220 Thermostat is the best I have ever owned. It is easy to program and adjust. Wiring this thermostat is easy unless you own a Lennox heat pump(which I do) The Lennox heat pump is a good machine but they don't use standard wiring schematics. A quick call to my Lennox dealer and resolved the problem. Even after all that, I've had this unit for a couple years with no problems. Great buy!Get more detail about Honeywell TH6220 FocusPro 6000 5-1-1 Programmable Heat Pump Thermostat.

Cheap Honeywell Cool Touch Heater

If you want a heater to heat a medium to large room without a blower or a fan this would work quite nicely.

I have had this for over 3 months and am absolutely happy with it.

I cannot comment on the "hard shutdown" problem described by another reviewer. Mine is working without a hitch. My feeling is that his problem is an isolated one. If a heater is defective (overheating), I would rather it shutdown completely.

Another reviewer seems unhappy that this is not a personal heater. Well, it is not. It is a room heater. You don't want a room heater blowing hot air on your feet. Also, she was unhappy about this heater not being effective in an "open" dining room. If a room is "open", you are effectively heating the whole house, and it is a bit much to ask of any heater. In that case the right choice *is* a personal heater blowing hot air at your feet so that you can feel warm, without heating the whole room/house.

We use it in an area that is about 350 sq. ft. in our master suite. When the house temp. drops to 60, this can comfortably maintain the room at 70. It is absolutely quiet. No fan noise or any loud clicking noise. If you listen for it and are paying attention you can hear the thermostat clicking on and off -- that too only if you are within 4 or 5 feet of the heater.

My gripe with this heater is that it doesn't have a timed operation mode. When I turn it on in the night, I would like an option to set it on for x number of hours so that I wouldn't have to remember to turn it off in the morning. With this heater being so quiet and unobtrusive it is easy to forget.

If only it had a button that you can click 1/2/3/4 times for 2/4/6/8 hours, I would give it 5 stars.Get more detail about Honeywell Cool Touch Heater.

Buying Honeywell 2040 0.14-Cubic-Foot Fire and Water Media Chest, Light Gray

I've got a good sized RAID at home and I'm rotating two 1TB drives for backups, but I needed someplace safe to store the unused drive. I could have brought it to work and stored it in the datacenter, but that presents a few problems - 1) it's not on hand when needed 2) other people have access to it 3) hauling it around allows for more opportunities to drop or otherwise mishandle the drive. A cheap lock box would have solved #2, but I didn't want to deal with #1 and #3.

I selected the Honeywell 2040 safe because it's rated UL-125, which means it will maintain an internal temperature of 52C for at least one hour. Anything higher and the drive platters will likely crystalize, destroying the drive and rendering the data inaccessible. Most hard drives have allowable storage temperatures from -40C to 70C, flash is often -20C to 70/80C, and CDs and DVDs are -40 to 70C. A UL-150 should maintain an internal temperature of 66C, but it's not recommended for magnetic media, only microfilm/fiche or other photographic film.

Sentry Safe has a large selection and most of what I looked at were noted as being suitable for various computer storage media like CDs and DVDs, even some that have a USB port so you could use the device while it was IN the safe, but only two models (1710, 6720) were actually appropriate for computer media. I liked their prices and selection, but was annoyed with the somewhat deceptive and vague information on their website. Don't believe me? Download the 1710 manual and look for the UL ratings and their notation on suitable safes for storing "computer and audio/visual media". Most of their safes are UL-350, which is 177C and primarily for paper documents, certainly well beyond the maximum storage temperature of hard drives, flash, and CD/DVD media.

The Honeywell safe is big and heavy (awkward to carry), and the price is definitely up there. I'd rather not have spent $170 on a safe, but it'll be well worth it if the safe is ever tested (hope not) and my data survives.Get more detail about Honeywell 2040 0.14-Cubic-Foot Fire and Water Media Chest, Light Gray.

Buy Window Fan

I live in an upstairs apartment with very small windows in the bedrooms. In the summer, it can be over 10 degrees hotter in the apartment than it is outside. I shopped around extensively for a duel fan that would fit in our 13.5" window frames. Almost every other brand is at least 14". This fan fits in the window perfectly! Each fan has independent controls, so that they can be set at different speeds, turned on or off independently, and set so that one intakes and one exhausts to circulate the air. Both fans can do either intake or exhaust. There is also a rotatable grate in front of each fan to direct the air flow. It has a thermostat which will turn off the fans when the desired temperature is reached and back on when the room gets too warm again. I bought my first one almost four years ago, and it stayed in the window constantly from late spring through fall. I let the thermostat keep the animals cool while I was away without having to worry that they would get too cold. After four years of faithful service, the right side fan is beginning to squeak a bit, but it still runs fine. I purchased my second fan last year, and it comes with a bracket that you can screw into the window casing which will allow the fan to be hung sideways in the window, allowing the accordion-style side panels to close off the gaps in Chicago-style windows that one of the other reviewers complained about. I'm so happy with this fan that it is already on my wish list again so I can put one in the other window!Get more detail about Window Fan.