Lowest Price First Alert 2037F .62 Cubic Foot Fire and Water File Chest

I received this as a Christmas gift. I am using it to protect my photo negatives, home videos and CDs. When it was delievered the inside of the safe was damp and all of the contents(paperwork) as well. Weird for a "waterproof" safe. I dried it out and am using it. I hope I never have to discover how well it works. It is sturdy and easy to use. For size comparison- It can fit a ladies size 8 and 1/2 dress shoe box inside with about 3-4 inches of room above.Get more detail about First Alert 2037F .62 Cubic Foot Fire and Water File Chest.

Low Price Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater

My boiler broke down in early November just as most of the heating specialist in the area start getting overwhelmed. As an emergency resort I acquired three space heaters and of the three this was the best. Since then we added three other and eliminated the weakest but this is still the best. Unfortunatelly it was taken over by two of my kids for their large bedroom and we have to go to their room if we want to remember how it was before the boiler broke.Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-617 Low Profile Silent Comfort Heater.

Save Aube by Honeywell TI035/U Solar Programmable Timer Switch, White

The timer works very well. I had an Intermatic before, but it didn't work with CFL bulbs. This worked perfectly. Make SURE you have a three wire box, and yes you need the third wire (it isn't just a ground wire)! The only complaint I have is that it doesn't have a setback option. On my old Intermatic, if you didn't want your lights to kick on at dusk, you could set back the time by any amount you wanted. So, if it gets dark 20 minutes after sundown, you could make the timer delay 20 minutes before turning on. This is not an option with the Aube. It goes of EXACTLY at sundown (although I understand a new version is now out which does have a setback feature - figures it would come out right after I bought the old one). However, you can fool it into delaying by picking coordinates that are further west than your actual location. Just note, if you go too far west and cross into a different time zone, the timer will adjust to the new time zone and set your timer off earlier instead of later. You can, of course, correct for this by using the one-hour offset feature (see the manual - for cities that don't follow daylight savings times), but it's starting to get complicated! The easier solution is to just set the timer's clock at the wrong time, so that the delay you want is the number of minutes by which you want the clock to be off. But then your clock will always be off and, personally, I don't like that even if I never look at it. Wouldn't it have just been easier to include a setback feature? :)Get more detail about Aube by Honeywell TI035/U Solar Programmable Timer Switch, White.

Discount Honeywell RTH111B Vertical Digital Manual Thermostat

This is an excellent quality thermostat that shows the existing room temperature and up/down arrows to select the desired temperature. The installation is simple with just basic hand tools and the instructions are simple and easy to understand with lots of diagrams and color coding. It uses an AA battery for power and the battery is supposed to last at least a year. Get more detail about Honeywell RTH111B Vertical Digital Manual Thermostat.

Cheapest Honeywell HZ-370GP Electronic Ceramic Heater

The Honeywell HZ-370 GP Electronic Ceramic Heater is "just the right size" if you are looking for a compact heater with a stylish design. It can be used for both floor and table top. I especially like the modern, streamlined body of this heater. There is a digital window which shows the room temperature, an energy saver button, a timer which can be set for 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours. Also, the temperature can be set from 45 degrees to 80 degrees, and the heater will turn off when that temperature is reached; it will be displayed, and then blink. It will then turn back on when the temperature drops below the desired setting. There are two heat settings - 1500 watts on high, and 900 watts in the energy saver mode.

By pressing the button on the top, the heater will oscilliate. There is a recessed handle on the top for convenience. It is equipped with several saftety devices and has a tip-over switch that disables the heater if tipped over. An Alert Heat Indicator Badge on the grille turns from black to red when hot. A high temperature safety control prevents overheating, and a back-up thermal circuit breaker will shut down the heater if operated a higher than normal temperatures. Also, the heater runs fairly quite for the amount of heat it puts out.

I was impressed with the many features of this heater and how efficiently it performs. It puts out ample heat for the size. If it came with a remote, it would have received 5 stars. This is the only feature it lacks, and I would have preferred to be included. Great little heater!

Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-370GP Electronic Ceramic Heater.

Cheap Honeywell YRTH8500D1008 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

EZ installation--good instructions------seems very accurate---and I never question the house temperature anymore----If I change my daily routine it is easy to change this thermostat's settings. Get more detail about Honeywell YRTH8500D1008 7-Day Programmable Thermostat.

Buying Honeywell RTH2310B 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat

I've had two of these units in two years, and suffered through the same issue with both. After just a few months in the first unit, and a few weeks with the second unit both would not fire the furnace. They would indicate that the furnace was running and the manual blower controls would operate the blower, but they would not ignite the furnace. I tested the controls by switching back to an older manual unit and the furnace operated perfectly. Did a quick search and found a number of threads indicating similar problems. Seems that the unit can't supply the correct amperage to open the ignition circuit in a number of different units. Called Honeywell and found that not only to they have a completely useless Indian customer service group, they're hours are exactly the hours that I'm working or commuting and I'm a normal 9 to 5. So buy one if you feel lucky, but keep in mind that most people are going to write a positive review before it craps out on them. It's does a great job with cooling, but if you have a gas central heating and cooling system and you actually want heat in the winter SKIP THIS UNIT!

DON'T BUY ONE!Get more detail about Honeywell RTH2310B 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat.

Buy Honeywell CW200A1032 Winter Watchman

Not even cold yet and this item has malfunctioned twice....set 10 degrees lower than the thermostat, it's set off the warning light twice to have the neighbors checking it out........NOT a good purchase, but a good idea. Something better than this is needed, don't waste your $.Get more detail about Honeywell CW200A1032 Winter Watchman.

Purchase Honeywell HZ-385BP Safety Sentinel Electronic Ceramic Tower Heater

Initially when I purchased this a month back, it was heating up pretty good. The only problem I had was that the temperature difference between the heater turning off and on again was like 4 degrees. This created both cold and hot zones.
After about 3 weeks, the automatic shut-off got activated and the heater stopped working. There is instruction on the cord that advices you to unplug the heater and wait for 10 mins before using it again. I followed it and it again started working. But after another week, everyday, the auto shut-off would kick-in within like 5 mins of switching on the heater. After that it was consistently just working only for 5 mins and then will automatically get reset after about several hours to only run for another 5 mins. It became so frustrating that I returned this back to Target.Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-385BP Safety Sentinel Electronic Ceramic Tower Heater.

Order Honeywell RTH221B Basic Programmable Thermostat

I've only had my unit for a few days, and I'm not as particular about a degree here or there in temp. difference because I have a 90 year old gravity furnace and it's never quite that exact. This was only meant to be a temporary solution for us until we buy a new HVAC system for the house in the next year or two. What I will say (and it looks like a few others have said this as well) is that the instructions are NOT HELPFUL for a two wire installation.

For two wire installation, you'll need to use the Rh and the W terminals on the right side of the wall mounted unit. Be prepared with an assortment of small sized flathead screw drivers because the Rh screw is more tightly fastened than the rest because of it's jumper connection. Beyond the frustration of trying to figure out which wire went where, and making sure I had the right sized screwdriver, the unit is fine. It works as it is programmed to and should help save me some money until I get a new system.Get more detail about Honeywell RTH221B Basic Programmable Thermostat.

Where To Buy Honeywell RPWL300A1007/A Decor Wireless Surface Mount Push Button

Not a bad price of $9.99 but would be nice if the chimes came with 2 of these doorbells instead of 1. I think most people would use 2. But considering how inexpensive the chime & 1 doorbell was ($38), this price was really no big deal.

Works great with the wireless chime. Easy to program.Get more detail about Honeywell RPWL300A1007/A Decor Wireless Surface Mount Push Button.

Shop For Honeywell HZ-315 Quick Heat Ceramic Heater

This is a fantastic little heater that will warm most any room. I use mine for the bathroom. I love the fact you can turn the heater on and just stays on!! No fighting with the thermostat. ( It does have one that works. ) Love it.Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-315 Quick Heat Ceramic Heater.

Honeywell CF200A1008 4-Inch Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaner Filter 16x25x4 Inches

My old Electro Static Air Cleaners must have died and there was always lots of dust in the house. I saw these new Ultra Efficiency Air Filters made by Honeywell and decided to try them. The filtering capability provided by these Honeywell air filters is nothing short of amazing. My wife said there is almost no dust in the house anymore. There is unfortunately one down side to these filters. The filter paper they use allows almost no particulate matter to pass, it also makes the blower fan work significantly harder. I now notice unusual sounds and noises whenever the heat comes on. The new filters are obviously placing a significant load on the blower motor and I'm not sure if it will cause the motor to fail prematuraly. Get more detail about Honeywell CF200A1008 4-Inch Ultra Efficiency Air Cleaner Filter 16x25x4 Inches.

Honeywell HZ-7200 Cool Touch Oscillating Heater w/ Smart Energy Digital Control Plus Review

This little heater seems to work just fine. I'm not sure what others are saying regarding the cord being too short. If you turn the heater over and look under the base, there is a total length of 75 inches of cord wrapped around a built in "cord wrap". The manual doesn't say they don't recommend an extension cord, they mention if an extension cord is necessary, you must use a heavy duty minimum 14 gauge extension cord minimum 1850 watt; they simply want you to use a "real" extension cord not a wimpy little cheap cord like most people would try to use. After reading the reviews I figured I would pick up a 15 ft 14 G cord at Lowe's for ten bucks on the way to Best Buy for the heater, but after coming home and unpacking my new Hz-7200 heater, I was surprised to find the cord on my heater measures at 75 inches. So the extension cord is going back. There's more than 6 feet of cord on this heater which is more than practical for me.

The heater works as advertised. It takes the chill out of the space where I spend a lot time which is my purpose for this supplemental heater. No space heater is designed to work as well as your furnace, that's ridiculous to even have that expectation. For supplementing heat in a medium+ size room, this little guy is worth it's weight in gold. I am using it in a 13 x 16 room and at a medium setting, it has taken the chill out of the room within 10-15 minutes of turning it on. This room has an 8ft wide door wall, and it's 20 degrees outside right now as I type. I'm keeping mine unless it stops working.

BTW, the heater has been running for quite a while now and the cord isn't even warm. I think if people have issues with the cord becoming hot then they either got a defective unit or they really "do" have an electrical issue with their outlet and maybe they needed to know about that anyway. This unit is available locally, so if something were to go wrong, I have my original box and I'll return it. Customer service is very good these days around town.
Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-7200 Cool Touch Oscillating Heater w/ Smart Energy Digital Control Plus.