Honeywell RTH110B Horizontal Digital Manual Thermostat Right now

I bought this thermostat because I did not need a programmable one. It looked nice and simple and like it would do the trick. Wrong. First it has a snap on cover that blocks the fan on/off and cool/heat buttons. If it was hinged you could simply leave it open. Instead I took it off and put it in the drawer.

But the temperature setting is what makes this a no go. It's summertime so I set the thermostat to 76 degrees. It's digital so you'd expect it be accurate and hold the desired temperature. Package claims +/- one degree accuracy. Wrong. Temperature swing, according to the reading on the thermometer, ranged from 74 to 78 degrees! At night it would stay at 78 and the a/c would not turn on leaving the house warm and muggy. I called the 800 number and they said give it two weeks to learn my system. Wrong. Honeywell should take this unit off the market.Get more detail about Honeywell RTH110B Horizontal Digital Manual Thermostat.

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