Honeywell YTHX9321R5003 Prestige HD Thermostat Kit Best Quality

This unit by Honeywell is the best looking unit I have ever seen, its HD display in second to none and the LCD remote is perfect. The kit also comes with an outdoor sensor that will send temperature and humidity readings to the thermostat and the remote. It has a whole host of settings that can be fine tuned to your liking, many reviews and sellers may say to have it installed by a professional but that is not necessary with basic knowledge. You can run two of these as I do, the only catch that I have found it that its better to use the two remotes than one for both, only because it cancels out one feature if you try to use only one. Your guests and family will be amazed by the nice looking display and handy remote, once you get over dropping 4 to 8 hundred dollars for one ore two units you will be pleased. Get more detail about Honeywell YTHX9321R5003 Prestige HD Thermostat Kit.

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