Cheap Honeywell Cool Touch Heater

If you want a heater to heat a medium to large room without a blower or a fan this would work quite nicely.

I have had this for over 3 months and am absolutely happy with it.

I cannot comment on the "hard shutdown" problem described by another reviewer. Mine is working without a hitch. My feeling is that his problem is an isolated one. If a heater is defective (overheating), I would rather it shutdown completely.

Another reviewer seems unhappy that this is not a personal heater. Well, it is not. It is a room heater. You don't want a room heater blowing hot air on your feet. Also, she was unhappy about this heater not being effective in an "open" dining room. If a room is "open", you are effectively heating the whole house, and it is a bit much to ask of any heater. In that case the right choice *is* a personal heater blowing hot air at your feet so that you can feel warm, without heating the whole room/house.

We use it in an area that is about 350 sq. ft. in our master suite. When the house temp. drops to 60, this can comfortably maintain the room at 70. It is absolutely quiet. No fan noise or any loud clicking noise. If you listen for it and are paying attention you can hear the thermostat clicking on and off -- that too only if you are within 4 or 5 feet of the heater.

My gripe with this heater is that it doesn't have a timed operation mode. When I turn it on in the night, I would like an option to set it on for x number of hours so that I wouldn't have to remember to turn it off in the morning. With this heater being so quiet and unobtrusive it is easy to forget.

If only it had a button that you can click 1/2/3/4 times for 2/4/6/8 hours, I would give it 5 stars.Get more detail about Honeywell Cool Touch Heater.

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