Purchase Honeywell17200 Envirocare QuietCare HEPA Air Cleaner, White

Having purchased similar items in the past, I thought that I knew exactly what I wanted. When I found the item on Amazon, I was quite happy until it showed up at our door. I took it out of the box only to find out that the unit had a 220V, 2-pin rounded (European) plug. Nowhere in the online ads could I find this detail. I just looked again and still cannot find this in their ads. When I complained to Amazon and ANTonline (the suplier) about the problem, all they could offer was for me to send the unit back. That's not a easy deal with a big, bulky item like this. I ended up purchasing a 220 "step-up" converter for about another $20 with shipping and now it works fine. I wish that I had known about this plug and voltage issue before making the purchase. I might add that this is one of the few times that I've been disappointed with a purchase from Amazon.Get more detail about Honeywell17200 Envirocare QuietCare HEPA Air Cleaner, White.

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