Honeywell Quiet Care Air Purifier with Germ Reduction This instant

I had purchased one of these units for my kids some years ago and it worked great. SO I ordered another unit recently.

The new unit has a terrible noxious smell coming from the guts of the unit when turned on - seems like the plastic in the HEPA filter or motor oil in the electric motor. After running it a few days with no change I returned this unit and recieved a new one with the same problem. I also talked to the manufacturer, KAZ, since it seemed like they got a bad batch of filters. They were willing to provide a new unit if I paid for the shipping. The status of this unit is still unresolved.

I would not recomend this unit to anyone unless you can tolerate the smell of noxious organic materials - such organic vapors could even be carcinogenic. Get more detail about Honeywell Quiet Care Air Purifier with Germ Reduction.

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