Holmes HWF65 Cool Mist Humidifier Wick Filter Immediately

I order these to try to save a little money, and received filters that were made by Honeywell, not Holmes. Not only did they look nothing like the filter in the picture (they were made of some kind of blue fiber material), they do not perform properly! With these filters, the unit emits maybe 40-50% of the humidity that it always has with every other filter I've ever purchased. And they emitted a strange smell for the first few days.

After experimenting with this product because this one was cheaper, I returned them, because they render my humidifier useless. The vendor did refund my purchase price and shipping cost promptly, but I of course had to pay to ship them back to them.

Here's the filter you want:
Holmes HWF65PDQ-U Humidifier Replacement Wick Filters
They are sold by and ship from Amazon, and have the black mesh on them as shown in their picture.
This is the one I've been buying for years, which works as well as the original, and far better than this Honeywell knock-off.Get more detail about Holmes HWF65 Cool Mist Humidifier Wick Filter.

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