Order KAZ HWM-910 "Honeywell" Humidifier Warm Moist - 2 Gal.

It works rather well... I don't have the need to buy filters every so often which saves a good deal of money. I will generally leave the humidifier running only during the nights. It will last all night if I fill up the tank right before I put my little one down for the night and place the setting on low. I shut it off when he gets up in the morning. I feel my child sleeps better especially during the cold winter nights with having the humidifier running. All in all I am very satisfied with this buy. Bunches better than the vick cool mist humidifier which only lasted 3 months.Get more detail about KAZ HWM-910 "Honeywell" Humidifier Warm Moist - 2 Gal..

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