Honeywell 3040D Digital Large Security Box This instant

I had this item given to me, so I shouldn't complain -- but I will.

It's a nice looking box, but I wonder where the "security" bit comes in. The sidewalls may be sturdy, but it has a thin welded base and is only fire retardant at best. Don't be fooled by the "Honeywell" imprimatur. In today's world many trusted brand names can be "borrowed" for a fee (like "Singer" and "Raleigh" (cycles)). There ought to be a law against this practice. The "Honeywell" on this pretty box is used under licence by the real manufacturer, a company called Sisco, and the item is made in China.

So, two stars: one because I got it gratis; one because it's not very secure at all.Get more detail about Honeywell 3040D Digital Large Security Box.

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