Honeywell 2070A .43 Cubic Foot Expandable Anti-Theft Wall Safe with Digital Lock Review

I installed this piece of trash over the weekend. HONEYWELL no longer represents a quality name brand after this experience. I noticed that even though this was a Honeywell product, it was made in China. On the positive side, it is nice that the safe expands to fit in a 2x6 framed wall. This gives a lot more storage space, although getting it to expand was a major task. I also like the quality of the buttons on the electronic lock. Now for the bad news. If your studs are a tiny bit wider than 16" on center at any point, the tiny screws they provide to fasten the safe to the studs will not reach. What a joke. The holes for the screws are also tiny. You cannot fasten the safe with anything wider than a drywall screw. This means your burglar can just pry the entire safe out of the wall and take it with him. And it only weighs about 30 lbs so he can carry it with your other valuables in his other arm. The construction of the safe is also poor. The seams of the box are warped, and the welds are wide open. The box is also extremely thin. The door is poorly hinged, so it scrapes the bottom rim every time you open it. This makes it very hard to open, and give a loud metal on metal screach. I have installed 2 Brown wall safes that go for about $600, and after this experience I wish I had not tried to save money. You get what you pay for! Get more detail about Honeywell 2070A .43 Cubic Foot Expandable Anti-Theft Wall Safe with Digital Lock.

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