Honeywell HFS641P 16-Inch Remote Control Stand Fan Buy Now

First, this fan is made well. It is VERY powerful, even on low. It is VERY loud, even on low. I bought this fan because of the natural wind function that works on all speed settings. This setting makes the fan go from your speed setting to almost off and back to speed again. It simulates natural wind blowing. I have had a fan with this function for years and it is my favorite feature on any fan. With the natural wind setting, I do not get a sore throat from leaving the fan on in my bedroom at night.

If you want a fan that has a very low setting, do not buy this one. It is a brute with big time airflow and big time noise. I honestly don't think I have ever seen a consumer grade oscillating fan with so much power.

The remote is of average quality and works as expected. It does not interfere with my home theater equipment as others say it does.

I would buy it again, but I would prefer a lower setting with less noise.Get more detail about Honeywell HFS641P 16-Inch Remote Control Stand Fan.

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