Honeywell 1,500-Watt All Metal Heater #HZ-2110 Get it now!

Bought this heater at my local hardware store before reading these reviews. Sounds like they either work or they don't. My didn't. I brought it home, took it out to the garage (about 35º F out there today), plugged it in and waited about an hour to see if it would warm up. Despite being on the highest setting and having the thermostat on it cranked, the heater barely put out any heat. It was level and stable, but the only heat I could feel from it was from about two inches away, and that felt like a hair dryer on the lowest setting (and that's being generous).

I returned it. I'm sure some of these heaters really get the job done, but I can't imagine that mine was functioning properly, and it sounds like a common problem. Light came on, fan whirred away (a little) but barely any heat came out. My halogen work light put out more heat at three feet away. Find another heater.Get more detail about Honeywell 1,500-Watt All Metal Heater #HZ-2110.

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