Honeywell 15102 Air Caddy Odor Removing Air Filter System Top Quality

How refreshing! An odor removal product that truly works by eliminating odors, not by covering them up, or adding any new chemicals into the air. I live in a small factory town in the Midwest and would literally wake up several times a night due to the various odors in the air sometimes (we're talking maybe about twice a month). Now I turn this little puppy to face my nose area whenever this happens and it takes effect in just minutes! The good thing is, you don't even have to have it on all the time for it to work. I just turn it on whenever I start to smell stuff, and turn it off when the air is back to smelling fresh. This way, I conserve the filter (they give you three with the product).

I might buy a second one for work. This was definitely one of my great buys this year! Get more detail about Honeywell 15102 Air Caddy Odor Removing Air Filter System.

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