Where To Buy Honeywell Quick Heat Low Profile Heater

I purchased 2 of these in preparation for the chilly mornings I knew we would be having. Admittedly it was purchased mainly on looks as I couldn't find any reviews for it. The box calls it a 1500 watt Low Profile Convection Heater, and claims that this style is good for heating larger living areas...as opposed to heater fans or ceramic heaters. It is a nice size, 2.5 ft long, a foot high and 5-6 inches wide. The heating part is elevated about 2 inches off the ground, so I am comfortable with it on carpets and wood floors. The power cord is about 5-6 feet long, giving you some play on where to place it in the room. The description listed on this page by Amazon is a bit misleading. This unit has two heat settings, not three. It is either on/off or has the ability to go to Quick Heat. It describes Quick Heat on the box as "This heater features Quick Heat technology designed to heat you warmer, faster. The unique design allows fast, focused heat to quickly distribute and provide heat on demand. This flexible design offers the choice of silent, steady quick convection heat or fan assisted forced air depending on the heat setting selected.". The thermostat is nice, but there are no numbers on it, it is a dial that goes from low to high. Even the box illustrates a numbered thermostat, but it just isn't so. I have used it several mornings in the kitchen/living room area, which is about 22 x 14 feet. It has done a great job so far of knocking the chill out of the room. This is without central heat on, but temperatures only in the 50-60's outside. The real test will come in the heart of winter. I haven't done the Quick Heat setting as just turning it on, you immediately feel heat coming through it. For safety features it states it has a back-up overheat fuse and an auto shut off if it is knocked over or overheats.
The black grill area over the heater will get too hot to touch, but if you need to move it around while it is on, the outer sides of it are touchable.
I don't expect this to have the capacity to replace central heat, but I am hoping it reduces the need for it. I also purchased a Delonghi MG15 radiator for more heavy duty, long term use in another room. For me, I bought this heater to turn on for immediate heat (unlike a radiator) and mostly to keep warm in a specific area, such as watching a DVD movie while on the couch. I prefer the radiator on if I want the room warmer for a long time and am moving around. For the price, I am quite satisfied with this Honeywell Convection heater, and think it complements other types of heaters. Get more detail about Honeywell Quick Heat Low Profile Heater.

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