Honeywell HZ3220BW Electronic Tower Surround Heater Top Quality

This heater seems to be a good choice to take a "chill" out of a room, rather than totally depending on it solely to heat up a large space. I worked on my car a number of times in the winter, and depended on this heater to keep me from freezing...given that my garage was 400 square feet and uninsulated...this heater did surprisingly well enough to get through my winter car repair projects...I had this heater cranked up to the max to get by...while the outside temp was in the mid 20s to 30 deg. Again, to recap...this heater is a decent performer as long as you do not expect it to be your only source of heat, especially for a larger space.Get more detail about Honeywell HZ3220BW Electronic Tower Surround Heater.

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