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I've read a lot of negative reviews about this and other Stinger Bug Zappers on Amazon, so I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

I've had this particular model for 3 years now and it's still working. The bulb and electrical grid still work fine. Since mine was manufactured 3 years ago, it's possible it's build quality is better than that of the newer Stinger models that other customers our criticizing on Amazon.

I live in Colorado and this Summer we've had an abnormally large amount of rain, which of course has made the mosquitos twice as bad. I purchased some Stinger Octenol Mosquito Lure from Home Depot and it has seemed to help, although it definitely hasn't rid our yard of the mosquitos entirely. I still wind up with a few in my room every night that I have to chase after and kill myself. I live in a room in the garage and have the zapper hanging from a tree roughly 15 away from the garage in our backyard(our yard is roughly an acre in size). I wouldn't recommend using one of these to help with Mosquitos unless you're planning to replace the Octenol lure every 30 days or so. While it will kill some Mosquitos without the lure, Mosquitos are not really attracted to ultra-violet light, so the Octenol lure is a must. If your goal is just to kill other types of flying night time insects, you can probably skip on the lure.

My only real complaint about the unit is the electrical grid design. It's designed with small squares through the grid, sort of like a checker board, and this does cause the dead insects to get clogged up in the unit. I have to clean it out every few days with a compressed air can. I've seen the Flowtron zappers and it is true that they have a better designed electrical grid(basically long, narrow vertical strips), so you might want to consider buying one of their zappers instead IF this is going to be a major annoyance to you. Another minor issue is that, unlike the "Ultra Model," this one doesn't have the 'from dusk till dawn' feature, so you might want to get a timer for it.

Overall I'm pretty happy with this product and I've definitely gotten my moneys worth out of it. At [...], this unit is very reasonably priced. But like I said, judging by other customer reviews, it's possible the build quality on Stinger products has declined recently. So purchase with caution.Get more detail about Stinger Electronic Insect Killer 40-Watt, 1 Acre Coverage.

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