Discount HONEYWELL HOME/BLDG CENTER #CT87B-4008 RND Manual Thermostat

I've had these round thermostats in my homes for many years, and always thought they were great--simple & reliable. The fancier electronic set-back ones always seemed too fussy (I don't know about you, but i DON'T wake up at the same time every day). But now I've had to replace this Hunnewell unit three times in the past three years. It always breaks, and it's happening again right now, keeping very erratic temps that are sometimes 6 degrees below or above the temp I've set. I can never find my receipt to claim the warranty, and end up paying for an electrician to install it, over and over. This time I'm finally going to buy something different, so I can hopefully have a reliable thermostat that lasts.Get more detail about HONEYWELL HOME/BLDG CENTER #CT87B-4008 RND Manual Thermostat.

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