Low Price Ademco Lynx Wireless Security System w/2-Way Voice

If you plan to install this kits yourself, you must know that the kits provided is not complete. You have to purchase electrical wires to connect to your transformer to your LynxR-2 control panel and telephone wires (26 gauge minimum) for phone connection. I used 18 gauge security wires to connect the transformer. For mounting the sensors (entry and motion), they assume that you would know how to mount them already. Before you mount the door entry sensors, test them out to see how far apart it can be away from the contacting magnet. I found that 3/4 inch apart is the maximum before you get a false reading. The magnet location does not have to be right at the edge of the door. If you try to position magnet right at the edge of the door, you might crack the edge of door. I did, and I had to patch the door :( . Overall, the installation part is not as hard comparing to the programming part. The kits comes with 3 installation and user manuals, but they are very difficult to follow. I design and repair commercial airplanes for a living, and I deal with all kind of installation and trouble shooting manuals, but these manuals are far more difficult to understand. I tried the steps over and over again to get it to work. I still have not get all the bugs out yet. I called Honeywell's technical support, and they refused to assist. When I purchased this LynxR-2 system online, and I was under the impression that technical services would be available from Honeywell, but they told me that they would only support the licensed installers. Hope this info help you. Best luck. :D.Get more detail about Ademco Lynx Wireless Security System w/2-Way Voice.

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