Honeywell 2 in 1 Whole Room Baseboard Heater (HZ-817) Best Quality

I purchase 2 units just like this. (not from this seller)

The thermostat stopped working on both of them in about the same time period @1 month. They in turn overheated and nearly caused an electrical fire, thank goodness my wife was home to see what was happening.

I called HoneyWell/Kaz (the real company name is KAZ Inc I found out, but they kept the Honeywell name for obvious reasons). They were extremely defensive and told me to send the heaters back for refund and that they would conduct a FULL-Analysis and get back to me. When I called back later they could hardly remember me or the problem and I was shuffled me into Voice-mail, I must have called 7 times. I then called the Fed Trade Commission to issue a consumer warning against this product, they immediately sent someone over to review the damage and file a report.

The FTC called Honeywell/Kaz and demanded the defective heaters be sent to them, but lucky for Kaz (I sarcastically write) they had disposed of them and would not produce any such defective products. The FTC said big companies often try to get the product back so that no formal un-biased review can be performed on the product, I will be happy to provide names of individuals both at Honeywell/Kaz and the FTC, so you may corroberate these claims.

Beware these things are dangerous in my Experience, (2 of them!). Get more detail about Honeywell 2 in 1 Whole Room Baseboard Heater (HZ-817).

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