Lowest Price Ademco 6150 Fixed English Display Keypad

I bought this keypad to save money and then found out you need a 6160 alpha display for easy programming. If you get a 6150 and don't want to return it or buy a 6160, it is possible to program basic functions with the 6150. For example, if you want to arm your system using the # key. First enter the installer code 4112 800. A 20 will appear which indicates you are in the data field programming mode. Enter *21 and then 1 This enables quick arming. Then enter *99 which is the code to exit programming. If you bought the Vista 10P as I did to replace an old radio shack hard wire control panel (lightning took mine out), it will do the job with no programming. Six resistors come with the 10P and need to be put in the loop for normally closed zone (cut one wire and patch it with a resistor) and across the loop (strip but do not cut wires incoming and outgoing and place a resistor between the sides) for normally opened zone. This turns your system into an EOL (end of line resistor) type. The default for the Vista 10P is six EOL zones, so you are back in business without any complicated programming or expense. In short, if you have taken a shot at fixing your old radio shack system the Vista 10P and Ademco 6150 keypad will do it quite simply. Use the default setup and you can skip the incredibly complex programming hassles "progress" has caused. This information is in the Vista 10P manual, but hard to find due to all the other details. Get more detail about Ademco 6150 Fixed English Display Keypad.

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