Cheap Honeywell HZ-510 Professional Series Ceramic Heater

I've owned this space heater for almost 3 years and it works EXCELLENT.

The safety feature shuts off to prevent overheating of the ceramic heater - so depending on the ambient temperature and your setting and desires very hot in short bursts or steady heat in long continual stream - you stimply need to optimize the setting. It's not that difficult. Yes it's only manual dial's but I've used this in my 12x14 office for 3 winters and going on the 4th with flawless operation. For continuous operation simply set on lower of two settings and thermo dial about 1/4" down from max. If it's drawing in cooler air it will run constantly.

I am completely happy - however it IS fan driven so the fan is noisy. But it can easily keep a 14x14 room warm and toasty (with the door closed).Get more detail about Honeywell HZ-510 Professional Series Ceramic Heater.

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