Honeywell RLV430 5-2 Day Programmable Baseboard Heat Thermostat Best Quality

I did my homework and shopped around for thermostats. I wanted a digital one with the ability to program weekdays and weekends. I have minimal experience with wiring let alone electrical. I went to HomeDepot and purchased this very same model for the same price. Decided to buy three as I needed one in each room. If I can install one in the dark with a flashlight while my family was asleep anyone can do it. Just remember to read the instructions to a "T", if you dont and have cadet wall heaters you will find out why when it cycles over and over once you hit the target temp. I made this mistake and read the instructions. Wiring is very easy for this unit, programing was even easier. Dont even have to read the book for that. I've had the unit for about 4 weeks now and love them. I can program each room to what I want, so I dont run it when no one is home and dont have to worry about my roommate leaving it on when they leave since they dont care. All in all I highly recommend this unit to anyone.Get more detail about Honeywell RLV430 5-2 Day Programmable Baseboard Heat Thermostat.

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