Honeywell HE120A Whole House Humidifier Immediately

It's better than the Sears "panless" we bought several years ago. Decent build quality for what it is. Very easy to install/assemble. Comes with everything needed to install. Handy window to see how the pad is doing. Am using additive to reduce or prevent calcification of the pad, we'll see how that goes. It says can be installed in a place without a drain but ... I wouldn't do that. I does have a built-in overflow drain in the pan so they've clearly planned on overflow. Comes with hose to get between that and the drain. Whacky press-fit drain cup feature. Never had to press-fit a DIY thing before. Fill mechanism is a pretty decent looking float valve. The Sears used a solenoid valve that got so hot it would burn skin.
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