Honeywell F113C6009 Commercial-Grade Portable Media Air Cleaner This instant

Contrary to Honeywell, this unit "pulses" air from the get-go. That would be with all new filters that came with the unit. From Honeywell's site concerning this unit model, it should only pulse when the filters require changing.

The unit makes quite a bit of noise on low speed, enough to compete with the TV and conversation if placed in the same room. We have it in an unused bedroom, not sure how good it will do there for cleaning air in the rooms we do use.

The image shows that the unit is brown, however we received the more pleasant white color.

I regret the purchase and will be purchasing a whole house filter unit that attaches to the central air unit's air handler.

All that being said, it appears to be cleaning air, so one star off for being excessively loud on low speed.Get more detail about Honeywell F113C6009 Commercial-Grade Portable Media Air Cleaner.

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