Lux Everything 2H/2C Digital Thermostat PSP722E

I've installed over a dozen of these in various applications and I am very very happy with them. The 7 day programming feature is very easy to use, I don't have to keep a manual handy and follow it step by step as is the case with many other units. One of the best aspects of programming to 722e is the COPY button. Once I have settings for four time points for one day I can copy them to any other day, MON-FRI, SAT-SUN or ALL DAYS. Even if you aren't running the most complex devices, i.e. multi stage heat pumps, it's still a good choice. I have some controlling a single zone of heat.

To control elecric baseboard heat I use a DPST Contactor relay with a 24VAC coil powered by a 24VAC transformer. One transformer can control several relays. By doing so, and placing the thermostat away from the heater you can obtain very good control of your temperature.

In applications where I am paying for the heat, but someone else is using it, the LOCK feature beats one of those boxes that locks the thermostat up. I can disallow the tenant to alter the settings by locking the thermostat with a code of my own choosing. In one application, since I don't know the hours the tenant will be using the heater, the 722e allowed me to program a maximum temperature, allowing the tenant to set any tempearture they want, so long as it is 70 degrees or less.

The 722e lets you program the "swing", the range that controls on and off. I used this to control a steam oil system which serves as a worst case backup for an electric system. The steam system takes over 30 minutes to produce heat and I only want to use it when the electric system can't keep up. So whereas my main heat is set for 69 degrees with a .25 degree swing I programmed the oil thermostat at 66 with a 2 degrees swing. This way it will not come unless the temperature falls below 64 degrees, and it will stay on until it has reached 68 degrees.

The final icing on the cake, for those trying to understand energy use are the energy used readings. These give you the heating and cooling hours of operation, today, yesterday and cummulatively since you last reset the counter. With them I can see how long each heating or cooling unit is running on a daily basis, which gives me feedback to see if I should alter my programming. All in all this is a fine thermostat that is easy to use and can save you a lot of money if you use it right.Get more detail about Lux Everything 2H/2C Digital Thermostat PSP722E.

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